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Neoprene Timing Belts - Pitch

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Neoprene Molded Endless & Sizes Available

Neoprene Molded Endless & Sizes Available

Molded Endless Belts are designed for power transmission and positioning applications. These belts are produced in a truly endless form. Having no splices or seams, they are ideal for higher torque drives. Produced with a high quality neoprene body, nylon fabric tooth facing and fiberglass reinforcing cords.

Neoprene Backing
Strong neoprene bonded to the tensile member for protection against grime, oil and moisture. It also protects against frictional wear if power is transmitted from the back of the belt.

Teeth with Nylon Facing
The molding process allows for the teeth to be accurately spaced and precisely molded with a nylon fabric tooth facing. This enables the teeth to smoothly mesh with the ...
Neoprene Open-Ended Timing Belts

Open Ended & Roll Lengths

  • Available Pitch Sizes:
    XL, L, H
    HTD®: 5M, 8M, 14M
  • A standard in the industry
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Readily available
  • Various compound constructions available
  • Slit to various widths (Maximum width - 4")
Wide Timing Belts

Wide Timing Belts

The need for wide timing belts continues to increase. F. N. Sheppard can provide both urethane and neoprene belts as wide or wider than anybody else in the industry. Any narrower widths can be cut to size.
Timing Belts (Inch) - 40DP, MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH

Tooth Pitch, Drawings and Dimensions

Transmission Belt Types

Transmission Belt Types

We maintain one of the largest inventories of timing belt sleeves readily available to slit and ship, and have access to one of the country's biggest warehouses of power transmission products, at our immediate disposal.
Silicone Rubber Timing Belts

Silicone Rubber Timing Belts

  • Molded endless, no seam or splice
  • Temperature range up to 500° Fahrenheit
  • Chemical resistance
  • Glue release
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Additional backings available, molded integral with the base belt
  • FDA compound available