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Timing Pulleys and Other Products

We have a wide selection available, including standard and custom sizes. Just as having the right belts are important, its just as essential to have the right pulleys and hardware.

Conveyor Pulleys and Rollers - many types and materials available with molded or bonded outer covering to provide good grip on belts and products.

Urethane Molded Parts and accessory items are available in various hardness and colors.

Sheet Material Parts, such as rubber and urethane precisely cut to various shapes and sizes.

Surface Treated Parts for non-stick, long wear and durability.

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Timing Pulleys and Sprockets

Timing Pulleys and Drive Design Chart

Here's another way F. N. Sheppard can help solve your production problems - with a wide array of pulleys and hardware, including standard and custom sizes. Just as having the right belts are important, it's just as essential to have the right pulleys and hardware.
Timing Belt Clamps

Timing Belt Clamps

F. N. Sheppard tooth profile clamping plates allow maximum clamping strength for open ended timing belts used in oscillating or linear drives. Our precision machined tooth prevents slippage or backlash.
Conveyor Roller/Pulleys and Lagging

Conveyor Roller/Pulleys and Lagging

We have been able to solve a lot of belt grip problems by covering rollers and pulleys with various compounds. There are many types and methods for covering rollers from the smallest to the largest sizes. We have a complete line of conveyor pulleys and industrial rollers. Virtually any diameter, wall thickness, length, end type, shaft size, and lagging type is available. Manufactured with crowned face or flat face in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum or PVC. Contact our Technical Department for complete details.
Molded Polyurethane, Silicone or Rubber Parts

Molded Urethane Parts

Molded parts and accessory items in various durometers and colors can be manufactured to the precise physical properties required for your applications.
  • Urethane sheet material can be cut to your requirements
  • O-ring Belts
  • Vacuum Cups
  • Pad/Bumpers
  • Capper Disc
  • Wheels
  • Any shape. Minimal tooling charge for new parts
  • Various Urethane or Silicone compounds
Engineered Surface Solutions

Engineered Surface Solutions

Our goal is to find the best solutions for sticking, sliding, abrasion and corrosion problems. We understand your unique challenges and can provide proven coatings to meet your specific needs. We are an industry leader in innovation and offer coating solutions unavailable through other suppliers. In this highly competitive environment, your business demands state of the art products, processes and suppliers.
Die-Cut Parts

Die-Cut Parts

Along with our belt fabricating, we offer a variety of die cutting capabilities.
  • Gaskets, Seals, Vibrating Dampers, Bushings and Washers.
Using automated X-Y axis cutting and manual punch presses, we meet all types of prototyping and high volume die cutting requirements efficiently.
  • Materials Include: Conveyor Belts, Rubber, Urethane, Sponge, Silicone and adhesive backed materials.