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Thermoplastic Round, V, Flat Belts

Thermoplastic urethane is very user friendly. It allows for quick splicing with the means of heat welding the belt ends. Belting is available in open-ended rolls (standard rolls 100-500 ft.) or cut and welded to your exact length required.

General Information

Flat Belts

Various colors, hardness, and thicknesses.

Round Belts

Various colors, hardness, textures and diameters. Standard diameters range from 1/8"-3/4". Some are available with hollow cores, allowing for quick metal insert connections. Others are twisted for mechanical loop fastening.


Various colors, hardness, additional backings and sizes. Standard section sizes 3L, A, B, C, D, E. Backings available include: Flat, Twin, Crown-Top, Ridge-Top, Hi-Ridge Top, Wing-Top, Ruff-Top.


·  Round Belts

·  V-Belts