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Item # Basket Weave PVC

Belt Covering and Flexibility Graph Directions

  1. Measure outside pulley diameters and note the size on the bottom of the graph.
  2. Select belt backing material thickness on the left of the graph and note what group it is in (A, B or C).
  3. Determine the maximum recommended thickness for the material at the pulley diameter.
  4. If a greater thickness is required than what is recommended, we can machine or cut stress relieving slots as necessary to allow for better flexibility.




Covering Description

Soft, Basket Weave Pattern, High Friction, approx. 1mm thick

Temperature Range

-40 to +140 ºF


Blue Green


40 Duro.


Additional coverings can be applied virtually to any base belt. Contact our Technical Support

FDA Approved


Oil Resistance


Abrasion Resistance



·  Timing Belt (Urethane)

·  Timing Belt (Neoprene)

·  Poly-V Belt (Neoprene)

·  HTD® Belt (Neoprene)

·  Flat Belt Base Belt

·  V Belt (Neoprene)


Belt Covering
(PDF, 257KB)

Cover Hardness Graph
(PDF, 53KB)

Belt Covering Flexibility Chart
(PDF, 293KB)

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