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Non-stick and Release Coatings

If you experience problems with glue, labels, or other material sticking to your belt surface, then we can apply a variety of silicone or urethane release coatings to eliminate the problem. You may just want to alter the friction properties, color or hygiene characteristics of a standard belt.

General Information

Non-stick Coating

Many synchronized conveying processes may include some form of product folding, glueing, laminating, or labeling. We produce several variations of silicone and urethane release coatings that are applied to the belt surface to help eliminate the possibility of belt contamination. Typically vacuum conveyors are used with perforated timing belts. The vacuum, combined with our coating, can create the desired positive control of the product. The coating process allows us the flexibility of coating many different substrates, including urethane and neoprene timing belts, regardless of the belt width or length.

Coating Characteristics What They Can Offer

  • Non-stick
  • Glue Release
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • High Coefficient of Friction
  • Anti Static
  • Various colors available for optic or hygienic reasons
  • Some Coatings are FDA Approved

Belt Surfaces: All Types

  • Belt top side or conveying surface
  • Belt bottom side of belt which comes in contact with slider bed
  • Belt fabrics (top or bottom)
  • Timing Belt teeth

Other Materials

  • Belt (profiles, pockets, cleats, lugs)
  • Elastomer compounds/backings
  • Rollers
  • Pressure Pads