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Pocket Profiles

A pocket belt is a positive, precision, sequencing feed belt. It is the most sensitive way to handle delicate or odd shaped products. Special contoured shapes or pockets are made on the conveying surface of a belt. When positioning and timing is critical, you should consider using a timing belt structure as the base belt. This allows for the most exacting pocket sequencing. For applications not requiring as tight of tolerances, other base belt structures can be considered such as Flat, Poly-V, V-belts.

Pocket belts are the most accurate method of positioning. But there is a vast array of types and sizes of pocket belts, and there are any number of methods of incorporating pockets, depending on the compounds used as backings.

Profiled Belts are transverse raised sections on the outer surface of a belt used to hold, stabilize, position or transport a product. They can be applied in various ways including; thermal-welding, molding, bonding and machining. Hundreds of standard thermal-welded profiles are available.


Covering Pocket Sizes and Shapes

Pocket Size and Shape

Variations in pocket sizes and shapes provide the flexibility and versatility other conventional means may not offer. Speeds are much faster than timing screws. Other than belt changing, few adjustments are necessary to go from medicine vials to plastic jugs, glass containers to multi-shaped bottles, etc.

Special contoured shapes or pockets of resilient elastomer or polymer compounds are available. Compounds include: Urethane, Rubber, Sponge, Silicone, etc. These pockets fit the desired container and position it with absolute precision through stages of feeding, capping, washing, labeling or many other operations requiring high quality control.

Pocket belts are made to your specifications and requirements. With F. N. Sheppard's expertise and knowledge of belt types and existing applications we would like to assist you in selecting the belt which is best suited for your application.

Some general information required in assisting you with the design is pocket shape, spacing, etc. Please refer to the examples. Any shape available, standard and custom.