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Conveyor Roller/Pulleys and Lagging

We have been able to solve a lot of belt grip problems by covering rollers and pulleys with various compounds. There are many types and methods for covering rollers from the smallest to the largest sizes. We have a complete line of conveyor pulleys and industrial rollers. Virtually any diameter, wall thickness, length, end type, shaft size, and lagging type is available. Manufactured with crowned face or flat face in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum or PVC. Contact our Technical Department for complete details.

General Information


  • Molded Covers
  • Sheet Wrapped Lagging
  • Spiral Wrapped
  • Slide on Tubing


  • Urethane
  • Neoprene
  • Synthetic Rubbers
  • Natural Gum
  • Linatex
  • Silicone
  • Ruff-Top


  • Standard Duty
  • Medium Duty
  • Hubs/Shafts
  • Stainless
  • Wing Type
  • Margined
  • Idlers