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One-Piece Molded Profile Belts

One piece molded profiles and belts are integrally molded using high performance thermoset urethane. The profile and belt are molded as one, using a centrifugal, heat cast processing method. This type of construction removes the necessity for any additional fabrication. This process provides a wide range of material characteristics specifically formulated to suit your application, and the flexibility to test and evaluate various compounds. Even with an initial one time engineering service charge, this is the most economical method of producing high quantify, high quality requirements for profiled belts.


Advantages of One-Piece Molded Profile Belts

  • Strongest Profile - shear strength
  • Profile design is very flexible
  • Wide range of profile hardness
  • Dual durometer belt and profile available
  • Exact profile pitch and spacing tolerance
  • Available in FDA, USDA approved materials
  • Profiles can be positioned extremely close
  • Uniformity & reliability, every belt is the same
  • Custom urethane lubricity agents to alter the coefficient of friction
  • Anti-static or static conductive properties available
  • Endless selection of colors for the belt and/or profile