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Belt Coverings

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Belt Covering & Selection Process
F.N. Sheppard has a wide selection of belt coverings to select from. Belt coverings very in elastomer compound, hardness, surface texture and flexibility. You can select the type of belt that is best suited for application and then select the outer covering that will work best in handling your product. Please contact us and we would be glad to help you with this selection process.

If you’re using thick coverings but need more flexibility or compressibility, we can serrate or notch the cover.

See Base Belts in the MORE IMAGES area.


·  Timing Belt (Urethane)

·  Timing Belt (Neoprene)

·  Poly-V Belt (Neoprene)

·  HTD® Belt (Neoprene)

·  Flat Belt Base Belt

·  V Belt (Neoprene)


Belt Covering
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Cover Hardness Graph
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Belt Covering Flexibility Chart
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Covering Description

Temperature Range



FDA Approved

Oil Resistance

Abrasion Resistance

Neoprene C Very good abrasion, strength, oil, ozone and chemical resistance. -30 to +212 ºF Black 75 to 85 Duro. No Very Good Very Good
Urethane C FDA available. Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, high strength and durable. -4 to 176 ºF Various Colors 75 to 85 Duro. Yes Very Good Very Good
PVC C Typically this material is molded directly to a PVC base belt structure. Good resistance to oils, fats and plasticizers. -4 to +140 ºF Various Colors 75 to 85 Duro. No Good Good
Silicone C Resistant to low and high temperatures. 60º - 450ºF. Excellent glue release. -60 to +450 ºF Orange 40 to 70 Duro. No Very Good Low
Sponge Urethane C Dense, slightly compressible. Mixed cell structure. -22 to 158 ºF Red 510 Kg/m³ No Very Good Low
Basket Weave PVC A Soft, Basket Weave Pattern, High Friction, approx. 1mm thick -40 to +140 ºF Blue Green 40 Duro. No Good Low
Orange Linatrile B Natural Rubber Compound, non-marking, elastic. Excellent resistance to abrasion, shock, cut and tear. -40 to +158 ºF Orange 60 Duro. No Low Very Good
  Results 26 - 32 of 32 1 2